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theapothecary's Journal

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I collect Potter books in different languages, but they're so expensive. A lot more expensive than they'd be getting them from the different countries.
For instance, people sell School ties for up to what, £50? When you can buy them at most English School Supplies Shops for about £5! So I set this up. Are you looking for an English Philosopher's Stone edition? A German Poster? American Bertie Botts? A Japanese book perhaps or a Swedish made Wand?

Whatever you are looking for I want us to be able to trade and find here! There ARE some rules;

00 : Only Harry Potter stuff shall be trades/sold/bought here!
01 : Don't post your address in comment's or post's
02 : Post in English. Doesn't matter if you're not completely fluent, we'll get the jist of it!
03 : Pay within a week if buying
04 : Trade at the same time
05 : NO EBAY advertising!
06 : If selling autographs/prints make SURE the buyer knows they are prints
07 : If you have had trouble with a member tell me : castle@scissorhands.net
08 : No RPG Advertising please
09 : Muggles allowed

If you post a list of thing's you can get I'll put it in memories...

Prefect and Head Boy/Head Girl Badges in all house colours
Scarves = Highly recommended!
Scarves made in Scotland
School trimmed Socks
Plain School Jumpers
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