The Countess of Win at the Table of Awesome (jaeliyah) wrote in theapothecary,
The Countess of Win at the Table of Awesome

Ooh, I wanna play too...

I would kill for a version of the head boy badge that said head girl or prefect and was in blue instead of red...

eBay auction
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hm i havent seen those, but i used to have a blue prefect badge at school in the shape of a shield that looked like tom riddle's. i can see if you can buy them at school uniform shops if you like!
I'll love you forever

they any good? that's what i meant :D
ooh sorry i forgot the link;

you can get all of them in different colours with the logo you want :D
you rock in stereo!

They never made that PoA Head Boy badge in any other color. I bought the red one, and am enamelling it green. ^___^

But if anyone could snap me a good pic of Tom Riddle's prefect badge from CoS, that'd be cool (I know it looks to be the same style as the "Percy" Head Boy Badge from Japan [though it's not a repro as he wears the plain one that all Brit school HBs wear], but as far as I know they never produced it ;___;).

Those are good, and even better for the patch pic (kinda need that one to size the Riddle robe patch for Patch Palace). Thank you very much. :)